Master of Professional Science

Coastal Sustainability

The Master of Professional Science degree in Coastal Sustainability provides students with advanced training in the expanding field of sustainability, with a combined focus on the practical aspects of systems management and the theoretical understanding of whole-systems design and coastal resiliency. The goal of this track is to train future leaders capable of creating innovative solutions to sustainability issues at local and global levels.

 Key interdisciplinary themes discussed in courses will include: the social and political aspects of sustainability (e.g. education and communication), sustainable development and ecosystem stability, the impacts of climate change on coastal resilience, and the economic and entrepreneurial possibilities in the field of sustainability. MPS students also develop professional skills through their direct involvement in ongoing projects and become active participants in everything from conceptual design to the daily technical maintenance of these projects. This curriculum will provide a foundation in the history and philosophy of sustainability, as well as exposure to electives that reflect each student’s interests, such as aquaculture, the economics of natural resources, and environmental law. This degree provides excellent preparation for employment in the areas of marine conservation, sustainable coastal development, ecological design, and coastal systems management.