Current MPS Track Leaders

Master Of Professional Science

Dr. Elizabeth Babcock
Fisheries Management and Conservation

Dr. Andrew C. Baker
Tropical Marine Ecology Track

Dr. Daniel Benetti
Aquaculture Management Track

Dr. Evan D'Alessandro
Marine Conservation Track

Maria Estevanez
Coastal Zone Management and JD/MPS Track

Dr. Neil Hammerschlag
Marine Conservation Track

Dr. Fritz Hanselmann
Underwater Archeology Track

Dr. John D. Stieglitz
Aquaculture Management Track

Dr. Keene Haywood
Exploration Science Track

Dr. Igor Kamenkovich
Natural Hazard and Catastrophes Track

Dr. Christopher Langdon
Tropical Marine Ecology Track

Dr. Diego Lirman
Tropical Marine Ecology Track

Dr. David Nolan
Weather Forecasting Track

Dr. Jill Richardson
Marine Mammal Science Track

Dr. Roland Romeiser
Applied Remote Sensing Track

Dr. Brian Soden
Weather Climate and Society Track

University of Miami Master of Professional Science

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