John Katchenago

John Katchenago
John Katchenago
Track: Underwater Archaeology
Graduated: Fall 2019
What is your current job and main responsibilities?

I am a NOAA Corps Officer. My current assignment is Operations Officer for NOAA Ship Henry B. Bigelow whereupon my core duties include facilitating safe and efficient completion of missions. In addition to watch standing, other duties include Training Officer, Ship Dive Officer, Property Officer, and Small Boat Officer among others.

Tell us about your MPS internship

My internship was with Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS). In addition to conducting research for my thesis, I assisted federal and state resource managers with documenting and monitoring historical and cultural heritage sites within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. I also led and helped develop a citizen science-based stewardship program where UM students share their knowledge of underwater archaeology and history with volunteer citizen scientists and provide practical oversight for monitoring, photogrammetry and data collection. The internship allowed me numerous opportunities to expand my professional network within NOAA and with other agency partners. Both projects provided valuable experience in project management and directing and delegating as a manager.

What were your favorite classes at RSMAS and why?

Other than all the archaeology classes I really enjoyed the Ocean Policy course.

What are your favorite RSMAS memories?

I really enjoyed attending the 2018 Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA) Conference in New Orleans with my peers and co-workers. Also, any and all days conducted in the field (on or under the water) were always great.

What piece of advice would you give to current or incoming MPS students?

Make the most out of your internship and network with your professors, peers, and co-workers. Chances are that your field of interest is small enough that you'll likely be seeing and working with these people again.