Climate And Society Degree Track

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Master of Professional Science

This track within the Professional Master Program emphasizes the relationship between weather, climate and societal impacts. The financial consequences resulting from natural and anthropogenic climate change, rising sea levels, and extreme weather events pose important scientific and socio-economic challenges, both in terms of urban planning and managing the financial risks associated with these changes. Employers in government, insurance, energy, and a number of other climate-impacted industries require professionals who are fluent in both the socioeconomic impacts and the physical basis of climate change. Social vulnerability, mitigation strategies, and adaptive capacity in the face of climate change are strongly mediated by legal, socioeconomic, policy, health and cultural factors. This theme draws on UM’s breadth and depth in interdisciplinary climate research, addressing risk management in the human health, fisheries, agriculture, natural hazards, and coastal sectors.

Climate and Society (CS)


1. Open to all undergraduate majors. Previous course work in science or policy strongly recommended.

Dr. Brian Soden

Weather Climate and Society Track

(305) 421-4202
Position and Research Expertise Brian Soden is a Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. He specializes in the use of satellite observations to test and improve computer simulations of Earth's climate. His areas of interest include understanding climate...

Dr. Amy Clement

Weather Climate and Society Track

(305) 421-4846
Position and Research Expertise Amy Clement is a Professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. She is an expert in climate modeling and in her research she strives to understand the mechanisms of past, present, and future climate change..

Dr. Katharine Mach

Weather Climate and Society Track

(305) 421-4741
Katharine Mach is an Associate Professor at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science and a faculty scholar at the UM Abess Center, focused on environmental science and policy. Her research assesses climate change risks and response options to address increased flooding, extreme heat, wildfire, and other hazards....

Plan Of Study Grid

Fall Credit Hours
ATM 651 or 614 Introduction to Atmospheric Science or Introduction to Weather and Climate 3
ATM 653 Climate Change 3
MES 660
& MES 661
Introduction to Marine Geographic Information Systems
and Introduction to Marine Geographic Information Systems - Laboratory (Can be taken in Fall or Spring)
GEG 648 Climate Change & Public Health (or Elective) 3
Credit Hours 12
Spring Credit Hours
ATM 765 Elective 3
MES 662 Spatial Analysis: Intermediate Course in Marine GIS (or Elective) 3
RSM 620 Climate and Society 3
RSM 670 Elective  3
Credit Hours 12
Summer Credit Hours
ATM 805 MPS Internship 6
Credit Hours 6
Total Credit Hours 30

Elective Options

Students may take any elective on the RSMAS campus with the consent of their faculty advisor. Below are a few examples of courses past students in this program used as electives.

Course List

Code Title Credit Hours
ARC 639 Adaptation to Climate Change 3
ATM 765 General Circulation of the Atmosphere 3
EPH 640 Urban Environment and Public Health 3
EPH 646 Climate and Health 3
EPH 658 Analysis of the Health Effects of Climate 3
EPH 633 Policy & Management of the Health Effects of Climate 3
EPH 727 Climate, Environment, and Health: Data Integration and Management 3
GEG 648 Climate Change and Public Health 3
ECS 601 Interdisciplinary Environmental Research: Introduction to the Why and the How 3
ECS 603 Interdisciplinary Environmental Methods 3
LAW 601 Environmental Planning and the Environmental Impact Statement 3
MES 620 Environmental Law and Policy 3
MES 624 Statistics and Data Analysis for Environmental Science and Policy 3
MES 635 Oceans of Thought: Exploring Marine and Environmental Literature 3
MGS 776 Paleoclimatology 3
RSM 616 Florida Topics in Environmental Law & Policy 3


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